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Status: Cleaning up the site.

Welcome to Credible Paranormal's presence on the web.  We are a Texas-based investigative team who actively persues and documents Anomalous Phenomena in the North Texas Area.

First of all, we would like to thank you for taking the time to visit our website.  You probably found us through your search for someone "credible" to assist you in your time of need.  Or perhaps you have a desire to learn more about the strange and unsual things that exist in this world.  That search has brought you to us.

So what gives us the right to call ourselves "credible" over all of the other "hunters" that are in operation today?  The answer is simple.  The mainstream paranormal community is largely focused on proving the existence of ghosts over all other types of paranormal subject matter.  This mission is one-sided, unprofessional, and unrealistic.  Most of the ghost hunting groups around the country are simply role players who want to emulate the brand of investigation they see on television shows such as Ghost Hunters,  Paranormal State, Ghost Adventures, and Extreme Paranormal.  These programs have set the standard for paranormal research in that particular field, yet how many of them have produced a single shred of evidence to prove that ghosts exist?  The answer is, none.  We are one of the few investigative teams that research all areas of the paranormal, yet we do not strive to attribute them to sources that most likely stem from folklore.  Instead, we concentrate on proving whether the phenomena attributed to them exists or not. This quality gives us the right to call ourselves "credible".

That being said, we at Credible Paranormal believe that strange things do exist in our world, and our mission is to provide evidence of such in a manner that benefits the client, as well as earns us a level of respect from the mainstream scientific community.  We strive to identify paranormal phenomena without assigning them to any cause beyond our personal scientific understanding.  That will be the job of the greater minds with bigger budgets than we have.  But we can provide justification for the pursuit.  That is the mission of Credible Paranormal. 

Jim reviewing audio files
Lee Harvey Oswald's name found in a 100 year old attic, during an investigation
Stretching of light caused by the camera metering for the darkness rather than the light

Checking out a spot of radio interference.
Investigating some train cars and wondering why.
Monitoring cams in a 160 year old home.